Gig Bags
These padded bads have a velvet lining that protects the instrument from scratches and abrasions. Gig bags can either be carried like a backpack with the adjustable padded nylon shoulder straps, like a suitcase by the handle, or rolled on wheels with a handler. The front pocket area has plenty of room for all of your sheet music. The side pocket has room to hold a foldable music stand. The tear-resistant nylon lining cradles the accordion, while heavy straps and plastic clasps hold it in place. Dual side zippers make it easy to remove the accordion. The interior has velvet padding and a cover to protect the instrument from coming into contact with the accordion's straps and metal buckles.

Note: Model: with W suffix signifies gigbag option with Wheels and Handler

Model: GB-JUNIOR -- price $80-$90
Model: GB-JUNIOR-W -- price $110-$130
Interior measurements: 12.00" high; 13.00" long; 7.50" wide
Medidas interiores pulgadas: 12.00 alto; 13.00 largo; 7.50 ancho
Model: GB-CORONA1 -- price $80-$90
Model: GB-CORONA1-W -- price $110-$130
Model: GB-CORONA2 -- price $80-$90
Model: GB-CORONA2-W -- price $110-$130
Model: GB-CORONA3 -- price $80-$90
Model: GB-CORONA3-W -- price $110-$130
Interior measurements: 15.00" high; 14.00" long; 9.50" wide
Medidas interiores pulgadas: 15.00 alto; 14.00 largo; 9.50 ancho

All models and sizes available in five colors: red, green, black, brown, and blue. Don't forget to specify color desired

Model: GB-CHROMATIC -- price $95-$120
Model: GB-CHROMATIC-W - price $125-$150.00
Interior measurements: 14.00" high; 15.00" long; 10.00" wide
Medidas interiores pulgadas: 14.00 alto; 15.00 largo; 10.00 ancho

Model: GB-96120 -- price $110-$150
Model: GB-96120-W -- price $150-$175
Interior measurements: 20.00" high; 16.50" long; 9.00" wide
Medidas interiores pulgadas: 20.00 alto; 16.50 largo; 9.00 ancho

Model: GB-4872 -- price $105-$120
Model: GB-4872-W -- price $125-$150
Interior measurements: 20.50" high; 20.50" long; 9.50" wide
Medidas interiores pulgadas: 20.50 alto; 20.50 largo; 9.50 ancho

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