Welcome to Accordions For Kids!

The purpose of AFK is to bring kids, accordions, and people who love them both together.

The accordion is a wonderful instrument! Unlike other instruments that are designed to play mostly melody, the accordion is designed to play melody, bass, and chord rhythm! The result is that both kids and adults learn melody, accompaniment, and rhythm all from one instrument!

The accordion is a fairly easy instrument for kids to learn, especially the piano accordion. But accordions can be quite expensive because they typically have over one thousand parts used in their construction and most of these instruments are handcrafted. Additionally, few music stores carry them and buying one used from an estate sale or an online auction usually means taking a risk on an instrument that needs repair or is of poor quality.

The goal of AFK is to help kids and youth to get an accordion for little or no cost, providing the students are enrolled in lessons with an AFK-associated teacher.

So how do we do it?

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