At Ballarini's accordion repair shop we operate a complete repair service for all types of Piano & Button Accordions as well as having a range of Accordions and Accessories for sale.

Here is just a sample of some of the accordion repairs/services we offer:

  • Tuning to customers specifications- wet/dry

  • Fitting new reed valves, leathers - including a complete check up of all reeds on your instrument

  • Complete accordion cleaning and re-waxing of all Reeds

  • Repair of Reeds with new high quality Italian / Petosa Reeds upon request

  • All keyboard repairs including customizing the action to meet your needs

  • Fitting new springs, new buttons, even restoring original grill work or creating new pieces to replace damaged grills

  • All repairs and service for all types of Hohner Accordions including new plastic or handmade keyboards

  • Repair/replace pads treble and bass valves with new felt and leather

  • Bellows: check bellows and repairs air leaks or fit new bellows gasket if needed

  • Repair bellows, tape bellows without obvious color problems - try to match various colors. We will also order and install new bellows if needed

  • Repairs to celluloid cracks in accordions

  • Repair or replacement bellows straps including new shoulder straps and brackets


If you need your accordion repaired and/or tuned, you can contact Nick about it by clicking here.

Don't see something on this list that you need?  Chances are we can fix, replace, repair or even build what you need - just give us a call today.

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